crafting Heroic's universe

Adalfieri. A perk or a plague?

For Derek O’Brien, his plunged him into a grim scenario. Dragging him out of his 9-5 cycle and into the arms of his HESTEK savior.

Because of this, he must make a choice.

To venture with his rescuer to learn about his kinds’ culture and let go of his loved ones.

Or, keep what he has and risk hiding with his sister.

Incorporation is now available for pre-order

What would you do as a trillionaire?

Hold onto that thought.

Discriminated against by the Normies for how he was born, Alexander Artino and other HESTEKs needs a solution. Money and influence. But how? A business, duh.

With a need for a team and funds, Alexander and his founders faces a rollercoaster of shortcomings and bounds in humanity’s progression.

Can he hold off his inner demons and bring his kind out of the dark?

Those with the Plasmakinesis strain can manipulate 5G signals.

Strain of what? Adalfieri, it has effected the HESTEK sub-culture for millenniums. However, there’s never been a lot of data on it.

That changes today. During his stay on a planet in the Andromeda Galaxy, Alexander Artino of Reivscere Corp. will guide us on how these strains work, what their applications are, and how to protect ourselves from HESTEKs.

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